Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Marvelous Mini Sets - Educational, Growing in Grace, Household

Hello friends!

Have you been to the store lately and seen the new mini sets?  They are for people like me who would like to try a little bit of everything. : )  We have five different sets available that cover a number of different themes... Educational, Devotional, Household, Friendship and Growing in Grace.  Let's take a look at three of them today and we'll save the other two for Friday so this post isn't too long. : )  And be sure to page to the bottom of this post for this month's SPECIAL OFFER!

In the Educational Mini set you'll find a page to keep track of Educational Goals that you have for the year, a page to track grades, 20 weeks worth of lesson plan pages, 2 pages of perforated encouragement/reward notes to send to your child for a job well done, 2 pages to track important milestones, 4 journal pages to record your thoughts and prayers during the year, or for a fun back and forth writing project between teacher and student, and an Educational Tab set with 4 preprinted tabs (Labeled: OBJECTIVES, LESSONS, RECORDS, TREASURES) all for only $5.00!  What a great chance to try out some pages, update your binder, or give as a gift!!

The Grow in Grace Mini Set is another wonderful gift idea.  Many of us start the new year by making goals or resolutions.  And, more often than not, they include healthier eating, more exercise, and improving our character.  The Grow in Grace set will be a perfect way to track your progress in these areas!  Included you'll find 6 Journal of Inner Beauty pages to journal your chosen "word of the year" or character quality, 8 Quiet Time Journal pages to encourage you to be in God's Word, 4 Scripture Memory pages - perfect for meditating on verses about your chosen word or character quality, 4 Exercise and Nutrition pages to help you "grow in grace" physically, 4 colored Promise Pack pages to journal your progress, and a Scrapbook page... just to be pretty. : )  You can also use it to separate out the Grow in Grace section in your binder.  And while it would be a wonderful way to start the year, it might be a wonderful way to end  it as well!!

The Household Mini Set contains a smattering of a number of our household management pages, so you can try a wide variety of them for a small price. :)  They would also be a great addition to the Holiday Planner section of your notebook!  In this set you'll receive 4 Menu Planners (8 weeks), 4 Narrow Shopping Lists for quick trips to the store, 8 Things to Do pages, 8 Itemized Shopping Lists for larger trips - they even include an area for non-grocery items - 2 Full Color Recipe Cards for your binder, to keep important recipes near at hand, and 4 Household Organizer pages to help you keep track of household to-dos, assign chores, or track Christmas presents!

Each of these sets are only $5.00 and there are even two more sets available that we will look at on Friday.  And, for the month of October, you can receive a FREE mini set with every order of $50.00 or more (before shipping and tax).  Let us choose, or request your favorite in the comment box as you check out.  Are you ready to spruce up your planner today?  You can find them HERE in the store!!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, September 29, 2014

{Happy Monday} A request

Hello friends!

Once upon a time we did a menu planning challenge on the blog.  One day a year or so ago, I copied all of the posts into a document in order to make them into an ebooklet and then I deleted them from the blog.  The other day I went to my file to work on said ebooklet (finally!) and I found that I had apparently deleted the document I copied them into.  SIGH!!! :(

Would any of you have happened to make copies of the posts???  I would love to repost them for those gals that are just finding us and taking the 28 Day Challenge.  Let me know if you find anything in your files!!

Thank you!!



Today's Happy Monday prompt....

Something I found that I thought was lost forever was....

Monday, September 22, 2014

{Happy Monday} In Vain

Happy Monday!  The 41 degree temperatures that greeted me when I stepped outside with the dogs this morning seem to say that fall is truly here.  The leaves are changing, the birds are flocking, and the chubby squirrels are gathering nuts for the winter.  Isn't this a beautiful time of the year?

I was reading this morning in Exodus, where God was giving the Ten Commandments to Moses and was struck by the verse "Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain."  The world we live in constantly uses the name of God in a derogatory or thoughtless way - and it pains me every time I hear it.  But today I saw it in a different light.  The Israelites were the "people of God".  They had "taken the name" of their God.  But many of them took that Name in vain.  They did not truly love God.  They did not truly believe that He was any more to be served and worshipped than any of the gods of the Egyptians or the people in the lands around them.  They complained because God didn't do what they thought He should, they demanded that He give them everything they wanted, and they accused Him of not caring for them if they suffered in any way, but very few of them ever bowed before Him in grateful praise and consistently lived their lives to please Him.

That made me pause and think. I realized that many of us today have "taken the name of the LORD" just like the Israelites of old.  We call ourselves a Christian.  We may be baptized and attend church regularly.  But do WE truly live as a reflection of that Name, or have we taken it in vain?  Is our "duty to God" done after we have gone to church for the week, or does love for Him permeate our thoughts, responses and actions each and every day? Do we complain when God does things we don't understand, or do we bow before Him as Lord and King?  Do we act with the assurance that He has more power than money, or position, or fame, or technology, or any of the other gods that our society worships, or do we live as though the pursuit of these things will fulfill our deepest needs?  Do we accuse Him of not caring when we suffer in any way, or humbly ask His help to endure, to learn, and to glorify Him even then?  Are our lives filled with grateful praise, a humble dependence on Him, and days that are poured out in service to others, or are they fashioned around the idea that "I deserve more"?

"Wherefore my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as ye know that your labour is not in vain, in the Lord."

What an exhortation for us as we step into this fall season.  As housewives, we will have many opportunities to work for others over the next days and months as we prepare for the winter.  May each of us that have taken the Name of the LORD, truly abound in His work until He comes!


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Monday, September 15, 2014

{Happy Monday} This Week

Hello friends!

Are you struggling to get going this morning?  Not sure where to start, or how to get back on track?  After my quiet time this morning I took some time with my planner and planned out the week ahead... appointments, events, meals, and blog posts on my stamping and stitching blogs.  And since today will be busy, I even pulled out a Classic Home Journal Daily sheet and mapped out my day hour by hour.  

Are you trying to decide which pages might work best for you?  Drop by the store for a free copy of Planning to be a Blessing, our "Getting Started or Restarted" guide.  Sometimes you just need a little encouragement, or to hear how someone else manages their home and their time, to inspire you and show you something you may (or may not!) want to try.  It also includes a description of most of the pages that we carry, although I don't think it has been updated with some of the Classic Home Journal and Day by Day line yet. 

Let's make this fall a fresh start, and plan to be a blessing to others together!

Happy Monday!


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Monday, September 8, 2014

{Happy Monday} A Place of Quiet Rest

Hello friends!

I'm back in spring fall cleaning mode here. : )  Saturday found me taking EVERYTHING out of my bedroom and cleaning and organizing, then putting only the essentials back in.  The rest is still in the living room and hallway, and I'm sorry to say that there is more there than there should be!!  My question to myself is, "If I have all the essentials, some beauty, and a little more in my room as it is, why do I have all the rest of this??"  There will be some definite purging going on here!!

I'm aiming to do the same thing to my desk this week, and reorganize my drawers and office area to better reflect the things I concentrate on in this area.  I'm trying to make my home a "place of quiet rest" again, which is something I feel I've lost over the past two years as I've just done the essentials while having Mom's care uppermost on my mind.  Now, as the seasons of life and seasons of the year change again, it is time to step back and refocus my heart on my home, making it a haven for my family for the winter to come.

Here are some questions I'm going to be asking myself...

Why am I keeping this?

If I "might use this someday" - Have I used it in the past two years?  WHEN will I use it? Is there something I have that I could use instead? Could I purchase a replacement for a reasonable amount IF I needed it?

If I "don't know how to get rid of it" - Can it be donated?  Can it be tossed?  Should I put it on Ebay?

If "someone gave it to me" - hmmm.... this is a really hard one.  I do have some people I would offend it I give away something they gave me.  I will still probably box it up. :)

If "I spent a lot of money on it" - Then I need to bless someone else with it!

If "It makes me smile" - Great!  But do I need multiples?  Do I have a place for it? Could I just take a picture? Crafts fall in this category...  that might be a blog post on its own!

I find myself often indecisive as to what to toss, but not as indecisive about the essentials I need, that's why it is easier for me to take everything out of a room or area and only put back my top choices.  This doesn't work for everyone, because it creates quite a mess while you deal with the "leftovers" - but it helps me see that God has provided all that I NEED.  And it helps me loosen my grip on some of the other things I have acquired, when I realize that I truly already have enough.  And that when I do actually NEED anything else, the Lord will provide.  That is such an obvious concept in writing, but it is much harder for me when I'm looking at an object and thinking about getting rid of it!

So, how about you?  Are you a born organizer/declutterer?  What questions do you use to help you decide whether to give away or keep an item?  I'd love to hear your ideas! :)



Here's your Happy Monday prompt today:  "A time that the Lord provided what I needed was..."

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Little Acts of Kindness

Good morning -- err, afternoon! :)

I was standing at the kitchen counter this morning, punching some Acts of Kindness pages for an order and reflecting on how lax I had gotten in reaching out to others in this way.   I stood there wishing that I had a central place to record the dates I did certain things on the list, and to encourage me to reach out to others more faithfully.  Then - DING - a lightbulb moment!  I do have some pages that could be used for that!

The Whimsical line Encouragement pages were designed for students to keep track of their ministry to others, both in prayer and in deed.  They have an area on the top to fill in a specific person and their greatest need, but they could be used to simply keep a running list of Acts of Kindness and corresponding prayer requests.  For example, let's say I hear that one of my friends was going in for exploratory surgery and they were afraid it might be cancer.  I can easily say, "I'm praying for you" and say a quick prayer for God's mercy and grace and strength in their life.  But wouldn't it be an extra encouragement to them if I took the time to put an action to that prayer and wrote them a note, or took them a meal the night of their appointment, or called them to tell them I care, or dropped off a little gift?  I love that these pages remind me to do just that!  The vertical action of prayer and the horizontal action to being a blessing to others.

The double-sided Whimsical Encouragement pages are only 3 hole punched, but they can be 7 hole or Circa/Arc punched on request (it might make the holes a little messy... :) )  Or what about a stand-alone Acts of Kindness notebook? A translucent 3-ring classic-sized binder, a set of Acts of Kindness pages, and some Encouragement sheets...  what a perfect way to start the fall season!!

Have a blessed day!


Friday, August 29, 2014

Time in the Word

Good morning!

We've been working feverishly to get all the orders out from the sale, and I think we should be all caught up today.  Thank you for letting us be a blessing to you, and for blessing us with your orders and sweet comments in return.  We appreciate you!!

One of the things I feel like I can't stress enough here at GraceWorks is the importance of we as women, wives and mothers being in God's Word on a regular basis, and reading it completely and prayerfully. I read a sweet blog post a week or two ago that was a beautiful reminder of why we need to be in the Word, and I asked the author if I could link to it here.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of reading plans available on the internet, but If you are looking for a reading plan that is laid out in a journal form, be sure to check out our Into His Presence Bible Reading Plan and Journal.  It is available as either a full-size download or as classic size printed pages.  It is undated -- so you can start today! And you will read through the entire Bible once each 365 days, reading each day a portion of the Old Testament and the New Testament, as well as a daily portion of Psalms and Proverbs.

I've always been encouraged later, when I read through my notes, to remember what God taught me through different passages, and how He worked in my life over the year as I delved into His Word.  It is a wonderful reminder when I am discouraged, or when I am faced with a difficult decision, to know that He is faithful!  

I remember when my daughters first began to read through the Bible and their comments about how interesting it was to see the complete picture.  That it was the story of Christ and redemption from beginning to end, and that it was more than just a series of disconnected stories and interesting sayings, and it truly was applicable to everyday life, whether you are a child, a student, a young wife, a mother of toddlers, a homemaker, a rocket scientist, or a great-grandmother.  I would encourage you to begin today to model this important spiritual discipline for your children and grandchildren!

Have a blessed weekend!


PS - Don't forget that our 16% Off sale ends on Sunday!