Thursday, September 25, 2008

Classic Size Tapestry Binders

Good morning, friends!  I've had a few questions on the classic size tapestry binders - in particular what they look like! :)  Here are a few pictures for you.  (Don't forget you can double click on the pictures to get a larger view...)  Above are the three types of tapestry binders we carry.  From left to right:  Sun, Library and Floral.  The sun print varies considerably.  Many of them you wouldn't know why they were named "Sun print" - the sun blends in as part of the tapestry design as above.  There are others that have the smiling sun front and center as in the picture on the website.  They really are pretty binders, you'd just have to let us know whether you want to "see the sun" on the front or not. :)

Another hard thing about choosing a binder is knowing what the inside is like.  The first picture is of the inside of both the Sun and Library binders...

The next picture is of the inside of the Floral print binder.  The only difference is the shape of the pocket on the right side and the addition of credit card slots on the left. 

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