Saturday, September 20, 2008

GraceWorks Petite Planners

One of the things I thoroughly am enjoying about having GraceWorks in my basement, is that I can see all of the fun things in person.   I'm realizing that we carry a lot of things that I never knew about!!  One of these surprises was the Petite Line of products.  This line of pages measures 6-3/4" x 3-3/4" and is 6 hole punched.  I personally love this line because I write smaller, and the compact size is great to keep with me all the time.  We carry a variety of beautiful binders, both tapestry (from left to right, Sun, Library and Floral) and simulated leather.  I carry the brown zip one below.  It's really soft!  The black and burgundy binders are "crisper" feeling.

We carry a number of our pages in the petite line, and since I use this size to carry in my purse, (well... bag, I guess!  I carry too much for a small purse!!) I think we'll be adding even more pages in the future.

Of course we have the yearly calendar - undated, with tabs for the month.  The calendar has a rosy hue to it that my camera wouldn't pick up.  You can see it better on the picture of the address book tabs below.  Oh, and I think you can click on the pictures to see them more closely.

Here's the Simplicity Planner (also available in classic size).  On the left you have a week at a glance.  I use this side for my set appointments for the week.  i.e. doctor appointments, music lessons, Bible study group, etc.

On the right side you have a page to help you keep track of other things to do.  Although the page is set up for a week at a time, you could certainly use a page a day if your schedule warrants it! 

Here's a two page weekly calendar.  I don't know how to describe the color of these pages.  They're pastel-ish (is that a word?), mottled - and very, very pretty.  If you look closely at the picture above you can see the GW (for GraceWorks) watermark very faintly in the background.

 The Itemized Shopper - set up by areas of the grocery store, with extra spots for other things like clothing, hardware, cleaning supplies, etc.

Devotional pages, including Sermon/Speaker Notes, Quiet Time Notes (I have to use our note paper for this.  I write too much!!), and a Prayer Journal.

The menu planner.  I usually write my menu in one color and then write the things I need to do (like "take out meat", or "make jello") in another color so I don't forget!

Gorgeous full-color tab sets!!  These come with a sheet of preprinted tab stickers so you can personalize your planner!  Top picture:  Keepsake, Pink Roses, Geranium  
Bottom:  Garden House, Sheep Hear My Voice, America

Half size sheets to use as Things to Do, Shopping Lists, or Notes...

... And pretty notepaper!

Even some unlined note paper pretty enough to be used as stationery!!

And what planner would be complete without address and phone tabs??

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