Monday, October 6, 2008

Daily Pages

There are so many different types of pages available, that sometimes it's hard to know which type will best fit your situation and personality.  The Daily Planner page is wonderful for those of us that need a timed schedule for our day.  If you've used the Managers of Their Homes schedules, this may be the page you are most comfortable with.  Personally, as I am planning out my day, I will often list all of the things that I need to do and assign a specified amount of time to each of them.  Then I will plug them into the hours that are left in my day.  For example, I will assign 60 minutes to supper and cleanup, then assign that 60 minute time slot to 6:00-7:00.  That way I can be sure that my day isn't overbooked, but I can fit in as much as possible without wasting minutes wondering what to do next.

The Daily Planner is actually meant to be started the day before.  'Sunset Thoughts' is a spot to write down your plans and purpose for the next day.  Perhaps God has been working with you in an area or given you a verse that you would like to meditate on and apply during the next day.  Perhaps you would like to memorize a verse, or write a prayer, perhaps you would like to use it for tomorrow's menu.  Feel free to be creative!

The second section is for things that can be done before 8 am.  Early morning is often the best time for a Mom to have a bit of thinking time, or a time to work on quiet projects.  Perhaps this will be your designated "quiet time" with the Lord, perhaps you will journal, or work on a scrapbook or cross-stitch project for a few uninterrupted minutes.  Perhaps it will consist of getting children ready for school and yourself ready for the day.  The Lord has put each of us in a unique situation!!  Under the Early Morning To Do list there is a another To Do list -this time separated into priority levels, and then a little spot to record the day's expenses before they are forgotten.
On the reverse side of the page is a section for Daily Notes.  This can be used to jot down things to remember, memories from the day, notes from your quiet time,  sermon notes, Christmas lists, menus, shopping lists... whatever you need a piece of paper for during the day.  

Need a little different approach to daily planning?  Be sure to check out this post and read about the Beautiful Life Management System.

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