Friday, February 13, 2009

Getting Started (or RE Started!)

Have you ever wished that you had a "Quick Start" guide to our planners?  One that would tell you what to do first?  How to pick out pages?  How to make a planner work in real life when you look at it and realize that you haven't written anything down for a week? (Please don't tell me I'm the only one who does this!)

After talking to so many of you, the Lord really laid it on my heart to write such a booklet, which I've entitled "Planning to Be a Blessing".  If I could describe it, I think I would call it a "seminar on paper", and I would love to share it with those of you who read the blog, if you're interested!   
Here are some of the things it covers...

* Choosing the right planning system for your unique needs
* The PLAN TO BLESS method of time and home management
* Real life examples of how I use my planner
* My checklists and master lists for you to customize for yourself
* Lots of encouragement!!

The booklet is about 20 pages long, and you may want to print it out, so you can refer to it more easily.

Sound interesting?  Email me at gracewrks @ (without the extra spaces, of course!!), and I'll be happy to send you the pdf file within 24 hours.


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