Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Economy Set

If you are on a tight budget, the idea of a planner may be wonderful, but you may just not be able to spend the money to get started.  In light of that I have put together a basic starter set, on the order of the planner I first started with many years ago.  This set isn't fancy.  It doesn't have the full color tabs, or extra pages.  Just the basics that will help you as you start on your road to organization.  Some of these pages are older versions of current pages, not different in content, just in picture.  I may even have had to repunch a few of the holes on the calendar.  But they are beautiful and functional and the price is fantastic, which will perhaps even allow you to pick a page or two that you'd really like, or even a set of tabs to make it pretty.

Here's what you receive...
1 Black Canvas Binder
1 Standard Cover Sheet

12 month undated calendar (2 pages per month)

25 Weekly Planning Pages
Pretty Today Marker/Ruler :)

25 blank note pages

Cost... $15.95 plus shipping

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