Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lesson Plan Pages

I know that many of you have just started homeschooling again, so I wanted to give you an up close look at a couple of the lesson plan sheets that GraceWorks offers. Be sure to click (or double click... I can never remember!) on the pictures to see them larger!

This is Learning Tracks. One week is spread over the two sides of the page. There's even a "mini planner" for each day! There's room for the week's vocabulary on the bottom. I find this works best if you have just one child that you're working with, or if your child is old enough to make out his own plan for the week. This one is recommended by my youngest daughter.

Package of 25 (25 weeks worth) / $3.99

The next page is Character & Academics, which is my oldest daughter's favorite. There's room for a Scripture verse for the week on the top and a place for schoolwork and character growth, or household responsibilities on the side. There's a close up below. Character & Academics comes in Ivory, Dk Purple, Lavender, Pink, Yellow, and Green.

Package of 25 (50 weeks worth) - $3.99

Our other lesson planner is called Apples & Chalkdust. You'll find a post on that planner here.

Happy Schooling!!

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