Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The GraceWorks Home Journal Collection

One of the most frequent requests that I have had over the past year was to develop a full size planning system. I loved the idea of having a larger sized planner, but, unfortunately, the cost of such an undertaking would be prohibitive in today's economy. However, the Lord is good and, in His timing, He brought an idea to mind. What would hinder us from preparing a full-size dated Home Journal that would be available to download and print at home?? It would need to be a little simpler, so as not to use a lot of ink, but still pretty and functional. It could be dated, since there would be no waste of pages that weren't sold. It would fit in a regular three ring binder, which could be decorated as desired, and it could include some of the features from both the Simplicity and Beautiful Life Systems.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to the pages currently available for download in the full-size Home Journal Collection...

Some of these may be hard to see. Feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge them!

Designed to open as facing pages, the first two files available are the Weekly Home Journal and dated Weekly pages. All of the pages are printed with a large enough margin to allow you to punch on either side without affecting your writing space. For example, you may prefer your weekly page on the left and your Home Journal page on the right rather than how I have mine laid out in the picture. It's all up to you!! :-)

The 52 Weekly pages feature dated blocks for each day, as well as a daily menu block. There is plenty of room to write, as well as room in the margin for notes. Colors for all the pages are deep purple, black and grey. So pretty printed on white or ivory paper! I prefer the heavierweight paper myself. I think mine is 24 lb.

The Weekly Home Journal page combines some of the features from the Beautiful Life Management and Simplicity Pages. You'll find daily reminders to keep you on track and a list of weekly jobs to check off. There is also a section of weekly priorities to remind you of your purpose, as well as some To Do and To Remember checklists.

The next two pages are the Monthly Calendar and Monthly Reminders pages...

The Monthly Calendar (one page per month) is dated and has major and bank holidays listed. The Monthly Calendar page and Monthly Reminder page can be punched to lay to the left or right of your binder as you desire. You may want to print the Monthly Calendar on lightweight cardstock for stability.

A new sheet to the Home Journal system, the Monthly Reminder page helps you focus your energies as you begin and work through a new month. It reminds us to Update our calendars, Make appointments, Think ahead for birthdays and other special days, as well as giving space for Things to buy, Things to save for, Goals to work on for the month, and Other Notes. Each time we check our calendar, we can be reminded of the things we need to be working on!! Yay! I do *so* much better with goals when I see them periodically!!!

The last pages that I have to share with you are the Monthly Home Blessings pages. These pages combine ideas from so many books and systems that I don't know exactly who to credit. Basically, these pages give you one way to help stay on top of those "don't get to very often" tasks. You know, the ones you "probably should do more often, but don't do at all," kind of tasks like vacuuming under all the furniture and washing the light fixtures. On the Monthly Home Blessing sheets, each month has a theme, whether it be "New Beginnings", "Outdoor Upkeep", "Living Room", or "Closing out the Year". Each month I have listed 10-20 things that could be done that month. That sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it?? But, really, if you do just one thing each day or two, you'll be done! And many of them don't take much time, it's just that we forget about them... things like "Check for cobwebs" and "Check outdoor lightbulbs". If you find an item that will take longer, maybe you'll want to recruit help on a Saturday and reward them with frozen pizza, some soda and a family game night afterward! :-)

So how much does this cost???
Just $20.00 for the set!  You can place your order here on the website, and I will send you the files when I receive your payment.  I try to get them to you within 24 - 48 hours, however, occasionally on weekends you might have to wait a bit longer!

Many blessings, my friends! I'm so thankful that God has put each one of you in my life!!!


Holly said...

Very nice! My Home Journal is larger than my planner and holds all my "zone" info.

MommiesCoffee3 said...

THIS IS PERFECT! Woohoo! I'm so excited to see these! I have my Home Journal in notebook size and need these - but love my desk size to carry with me and use every day to go with devotionals, weekly calendar, and other personal items. LOVE IT!

Stephenie said...

Wow! These pages look so nice. I like that they are made for a 3 ring binder, too.

Kathy Ellen said...

What a wonderful system, and how I would love to have one of your home journals...I need to figure out which one would be best for my needs. I just told my daughter about them too, and she wants one for her birthday in July!.

Do you have a downloadable picture of your journal site that I can add to my blog sidebar?