Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Prices on the Home Journal!

Hello friends!

Here are a few updates for you all!


The Home Journal has had an astounding reception! Thank you for all of your orders and kind comments. As I mentioned, the introductory price was only for January. The pages are now available for purchase separately or in a group, and the new pricing is as follows...

Dated Weekly Planner: $8
Dated Yearly Calendar: $7
(Your pages will cover one year. They will begin in the month you order, i.e. if you order in January you will receive January-December, if you order in February you will receive February-January, etc.)
Weekly Home Journal Sheet: $5
Monthly Reminder Sheet: $5
Monthly Home Blessings: $5

OR.... purchase them in a group for only $20.00 - a savings of $10.00!!!

TO ORDER: Email me at (remember, there isn't an 'o' in GraceWorks in our email address!!) and request the Home Journal Downloadable Pages that you would like. (It would help me if you listed them by name!) I will send you a paypal invoice and send your files to you through email when your invoice is paid.

I'm working on a couple drafts of a daily page... and trying to decide which elements to include that you would find most useful. I'd love some input, if this is something that you are looking for!

The Reflections in Ruth Bible Study is now available for purchase as well. The cost is only $4.00 and it is in download form as well. Email me if you're interested!


IRMA said...

Oh I would love a daily page to add to my Home Journal. How about a place for phone calls? Love your pages extremely helpful. I hope you add more to the set.


IRMA said...
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