Friday, June 10, 2011

My Card File

Hello again!  I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine today!  A number of years ago, during one particularly inspired moment after reading the book, "The Sidetracked Sisters Happiness File", I made a card file.  It included all of my daily, weekly and seasonal tasks listed out on 3 x 5 cards of different colors.  It has tabs for each day of the week, each day of the month and each month itself.  Each day, I can pull cards from in front of that day's tab and sort them by priority.  As I finish the task, I jot down the day and refile it for later.  Perhaps for tomorrow, perhaps for next week, or perhaps for three months from now.  Over the years it has been a wonderful friend when I've needed a little different approach to my weekly planning.

This past month since the accident I've needed just such an approach, so I pulled out my card file, which lives in a pretty Longaberger card basket, and updated my week with cards of the tasks I needed to complete each day.   I'm using the Simplicity Pages in my planner to keep track of the major appointments, the car situation (having two cars and five drivers has taken some juggling!), and my lists - shopping, letters to write, etc., but my housekeeping and other tasks are all separated by day in my card file.

Each evening - for we all know that our day should begin the night before! - I'll pull out the next days cards, plus a set of Daily Blessing Cards that I've made for myself.  Here's a sampling of today's cards.    My daily blessing cards help me remember to do the First Things First, and give a basic structure to my day.  I'll usually look through the cards and separate them behind the Blessing Cards, after I've checked my Simplicity Pages to see where I need to be during the day.

As I begin the next day, I check my Simplicity pages, have my quiet time, check my menus and then begin to work through my cards.  I find that if there is one card that I'd love to avoid - like mopping the floor or cleaning the tub - it is best for me to do that FIRST THING.  Sometimes even before breakfast!  Same with the tasks that I tend to procrastinate on, like filing.  I look at the card like a 15 minute ticket, and set my timer.  After that I can refile it until next week.   Certain tasks are marked "monthly" or "seasonal" on the card.  As I complete those tasks, I jot down the day I completed them and file them in front of the correct dated or monthly tab toward the back of my file.  Each month, I'll grab the cards from in front of the next month's tab and distribute them throughout the month, and the tasks will "pop up" as I need to do them.

I love how well the card file works with the Simplicity Starter Set, keeping my planner uncluttered, yet keeping me on track.  I have sheets in my planner to keep my weekly schedule, my notes, my menu and shopping list, and my devotional pages at hand, and a "tickler file" to remind me of my homemaking and other duties.
Now I need to get back to work!! {smiles}

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The Queen Mommy said...

I love the look of your daily blessing cards! Is that something you made for your personal use or is that part of the Simplicity Set? Those are SO great! This is an amazing system - I have to read this a few times to really comprehend it. =) lol I like how it breaks everything down in very simple terms!