Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight - Abiding in Christ

... and Evening
 The Abiding in Christ pages are such a blessing!  The front of each page gives a week's worth of space for jotting down thoughts and prayers from your devotional time with the Lord.  The back of each sheet gives some prompts for directed journaling of your day.  

What word could describe your day?  Busy? Productive?  Focused?  Scattered?  Trusting?  Praying?
Did you exercise?  Take your Vitamins?  Drink Water?
How did you do spiritually?  Did God teach you something?
How are the relationships in your life?  Is there a praise or a prayer in your heart because of them?
What were you able to get accomplished?
Looking back over your day, what was the biggest blessing?

Sometimes it seems mundane to write down the little things of life, and not really worth our while.  But looking back on my own Abiding in Christ sheets a year later, after not having used them for awhile, I'm amazed that just those few short sentences bring back memories of that day, and I am reminded of the lessons God taught and the blessings He put into my life.  What a wonderful way to journal our walk!


Classic Size (5.5" x 8.5")
7-hole punch
Victorian Line (Devotional Section)
25 pages (25 weeks) / $3.99

(The light GW watermark is for web purposes only and will not appear on the pages!)

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Rebecca said...

My favorite pages! These work wonderfully with the concept presented in "Beautiful Girlhood" of taking time to review your day with God before going to bed.