Tuesday, August 9, 2011

To Praise and to Serve

In my reading this morning I ran across a verse that I'd like to remember today... and every day!  I've been reading in II Chronicles about Solomon building the temple -- what an amazing structure that was! -- and was struck by a verse in chapter 8 where it talks about the Levites being appointed for their ministry which was "to praise and to serve before the priests, as the duty of each day required." (II Chron. 8:14, NKJV)  Isn't that a wonderful reminder of our purpose every day?  We minister (the King James word for "serve" in the verse above) each day before our great High Priest - Jesus Christ - to our family, our friends and others that we meet, as the duty of each day presents itself.  Some of you may be following the plan set out in the Beautiful Life Management System with a schedule of housekeeping that you keep up with.  Others of you may have a job outside the home that takes a large piece of your time, and then you catch up as you can.  Still others may no longer be able to do much physically as age or physical difficulties limit you.  No matter what our season of life or limitations or schedule, each day contains duties that are required of us.  Do we do them in an attitude of praise and service to Jesus Christ, or do we grumble and complain about them - their monotony, the lack of help, our lack of energy, or our wish to do "great things for the Lord" instead?  The Levites weren't meant to be priests.  *They* were appointed -- chosen specially -- for their place of service, and by fulfilling those daily duties over and over and over again with an attitude of praise, they were bringing glory to God.   Isn't that encouraging!   May your day today be filled with praise and service!!

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