Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apron Lessons

Do you wear an apron?  I never did, but last year when my dear husband and I were out on our anniversary weekend, I found this precious Vera Bradley apron on clearance and thought it might be a fun addition to my wardrobe - seeing I constantly seem to ruin outfits when I spatter them with grease, ketchup, bbq sauce... you get the picture! : )  When we got home, I tucked the apron into my baking cupboard, and pulled it out occasionally for Sunday dinners, Christmas and Easter.  Unfortunately, it often came out a number of other times during the year... immediately AFTER I had splattered, spilled on or ruined another piece of clothing.  I figured that since it wasn't a big meal I was preparing I'd be ok.  Sigh!

Last week, I put my apron on early in the morning when I needed to work in the kitchen quite a bit.  Soon I found myself working through my cleaning list as well... and singing while I did it.  I did sit down at the computer once or twice, but then I found myself looking at my apron and thinking, "It's not the time for this, I need to be concentrating on my job!"  My apron became my "uniform" that helped me focus on cooking and cleaning and my other responsibilities around the home.  And it encouraged me, too... because it's pretty. : )  Needless to say, my apron is no longer stuffed in the baking cupboard, and I'm wearing it more and more often!!

Isn't that a precious spiritual lesson as well?  In Ephesians it talks about putting on the armor of God that He has made available for us.  Truth, righteousness, peace, faith, hope in our salvation, knowing and living God's Word, and prayer can each be "put on" daily to  remind us what our true work is.   We don't have to say those hasty words, or respond in anger, or give our husband the silent treatment, or excuse our grumpiness because we are "moody".  Isn't that wonderful!!!  But so often we don't even realize that we've left our armor "in the cupboard", until after we've "splattered, spilled or ruined" yet another opportunity to show the love and power of Christ in our lives.  Let's take the time to put on our armor each day this week... and maybe an apron, too!! : )


Mrs. GraceWorks

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