Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Little Home Duties

"We need not bid, for cloistered cell, our neighbour and our work farewell,
Nor stive to wind ourselves too high for sinful man beneath the sky:

The trivial round, the common task, would furnish all we ought to ask;
Room to deny ourselves; a road to bring us daily nearer God." ~Keble

Do you ever feel that your work is insignificant, and that you should be doing more and sacrificing more for the cause of Christ?  Somehow we've been led to believe that what we do -  homeschooling, being the church secretary, singing in the choir, leading the youth group, teaching a Sunday School class, or being the nursery coordinator - fulfills our calling as a Christian, while all the while our homes are in disorder, we are snapping at our children, and treating our husband with disdain because he isn't "spiritual enough".  

Even when we do see ourselves as "keepers at home"it is hard to realize the impact that our little home duties can make on the lives of those around us.  It is so easy to put other things as the priority... homeschooling, hobbies, a home business -- and to forget that one of the greatest gifts God has given us as Christian women is that we can serve Christ when we are loving and serving our husbands and children.  As we do that, in all the trivial little tasks that make up a day, we have an opportunity to deny ourselves while blessing, encouraging and influencing our dear ones for Christ.   And, amazingly, there will be more opportunities to bless others as well.  Our lives multiply as we invest them in those the Saviour brings into our path.  

So, do we give up all of our church involvement, our homeschooling, our hobbies?  See how easily we fall into extremes??!  I am so thankful that God has given us the freedom and ability to do many things!  As we establish our priorities and set our hearts where they belong, I believe that God will gift us with both ministry and recreation opportunities that will not conflict with the duties and priorities that He has given us.  

Be careful, though.  If our homes makes us proud and we find ourselves irritated because our husband sets a dish on the counter or puts his feet on the furniture, we have failed.  If we find all our satisfaction in how well we have taught our children, or what a perfect marriage we have, and are not awed by the grace of God in our lives, we are ripe for God's discipline, and may soon find that our pride has occasioned a painful fall.  In all things our prayer must be to glorify Christ in and through our lives.  May the fruits of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control be evident as the Spirit changes us more and more into the image of Christ!

"Seek we no more; content with these, let present rapture, comfort, ease, 
As Heaven shall bid them, come and go:
The secret this of Rest below...

Only, O Lord, in They dear love fit us for perfect rest above;
And help us, this and every day,
To live more nearly as we pray."  ~ Keble


Angie said...

Thank you for this. :)

Kathy Ellen said...

Thank you for sharing these words of inspiration. May we all strive, in all that we do everyday, as wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, give glory to the Lord, Jesus Christ.

God Bless You.