Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Happy Monday Journal!

Hello ladies!

I'm listening to my printer work and work printing out the Classic pages that you've ordered.  I did run into one snag with printing the yearly calendar pages on cardstock - sigh! - so unless I can figure out another option by tomorrow, I've decided to send your pages with this quarter's monthly calendars printed on regular paper and I'll include a lined notepad with your order as a "thank you for your patience while I figure out how to get around this glitch" gift.  Hopefully I'll have it all worked out by next quarter!!

For today, though, let me introduce you to the Happy Monday Journal.  One of my favorite of the new Classic Home Journal pages is the Acts of Kindness / Words of Love page.  It contains 28 days of encouraging ideas to help you "Plan to be a Blessing".  It's designed to be used somewhat like our 28 day challenge.  Start on a Sunday and simply work through the list.  Some days you'll be writing a thank you note, other days you'll be planning a family game night, or scheduling a date with your husband.  The purpose of putting it into a list form is simple.  I needed it. : )  I love thinking up ideas, but I'm less than stellar in the follow-though area.  I will decide to write a missionary wife each month and do it twice before I move on to my next "good idea."  Or I will say - "We need to have a game night", but never take the steps to make it happen, like taking the time to actually schedule it on my calendar, check my children's work schedule, and be sure I have the ingredients to make something special to munch on while we play.   This little list is absolutely not all - inclusive, but it will remind me to do certain things during the month.  Even if I can't do the exact thing listed, and even if I can't do it that particular day, I can add it to my list for the week or  schedule it on my calendar for later, and I will be building good habits of faithfulness and diligence into my life while blessing others as well.

One of the biggest things that I have been "hit and miss" with is writing down my blessings, memories and lessons.  The Home Journal doesn't have that little box that the BLM system has, where you can jot down a blessing every day and I don't always remember to do it before bed at night.  I used to do a lot of scrapbooking where I would record some of those thoughts and remembrances, but I haven't done much lately because of my season of life.  I need something quick and easy and I need a reminder.  For me, the Acts of Kindness page and the Happy Monday Journal are going to be both of those things!

Here's the Happy Monday Journal in a nutshell.  Designate a notebook, journal or section of your planner as your Happy Monday Journal.  Each Monday, write in the date and one blessing, memory or lesson from the past week.  That's it.  Just think what a treasure that would be at the end of the year!  To be able to look back and remember.  Remember blessings from the Lord, remember special verses He gave you, remember lessons that you learned, remember special times and places.  Of course you are welcome to add more - maybe a picture, or a note?  Maybe a pressed flower petal or a ticket to a Symphony Concert!  However little or much you choose to add, you will have a weekly reminder of the goodness of God in your life.

As the Lord supplies ideas, I hope to have a Happy Monday Journal "starter" on the blog each Monday. Perhaps it will be something deep like, "Right now, God is teaching me a lot about ........" or it may be something simple like, "Today I'm wearing...."  Both the deep thoughts of our heart and the little everyday life things are memories and show who we are and who we are becoming.  This little exercise shouldn't take long, maybe 15-20 minutes?  But I hope that you'll join me on the journey!

Let me show you the pieces I've gathered for my journal...

I would like my journal to be a mini-scrapbook.  I plan to print out a picture or two every week to add, as well as the journaling.  The "Smash Journal" is a spiral bound book made up of patterned scrapbook paper - safe for pictures.  I chose the pink one because it has the prettiest papers inside (to me at least!)  I also have a scissors, some little flags for titles or tabs and some Kraft paper stickers that I can write on.  While we were out this weekend my husband got me a pack of paper as well that has some quotes on it as well as the names of the months if I'd care to add them in.  (I have links to some of the products on the sidebar if you're interested.) With coupons, I spent under $20 on everything.  One of the fun things about the Smash journal is that there is a pen attached to the side that has a writing tip on one end and a glue stick on the other.  How handy!!  (I'm afraid the glue won't hold pictures very well, though, because some of mine just fell out!  I'll be getting some photo tape for that purpose pretty soon!!)

Here's the inside of the journal and a few pieces that I wanted to add.. (The picture was a professional one, so I had to blur it for copyright reasons...)

I loved the quote on my Day by Day calendar on the 28th, and I wanted to include a picture of my husband and I...

After cutting out my quote and picture, adding a tab title, some journaling and a little piece of my Christmas card from my husband, my dedication page was done.  All glued on and ready to begin!  There is a pocket in the back of the book that I plan to use to store anything I will want to put into my book... calendar pages, cards, pictures, etc.  That way when I sit down on Monday all my supplies will be together and ready for me to work with. : )

I hope that you'll join me!  Remember, it doesn't have to be this fancy!  A section of lined notepaper in your planner will work - a $1 notepad from Michael's or Target will work - the journal you received for Christmas that you didn't know what to do with will work.  The goal is consistency, not perfection. : )

See you Monday!

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