Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Home Journal Series - Classic Size

Hello friends!  

I'm so excited to introduce you today to GraceWorks' Classic Size Home Journal Series!

The first thing you'll notice, I'm sure, is that a charming new font has joined the GraceWorks family. The new pages are clean and classy, and, while not Victorian in flavor, they remain Christ-centered, and very feminine in style and color.

Let's start with the Monthly Reminders page.  A little more condensed than the Full Size Home Journal page of the same name, the Monthly Reminders page is a helpful checklist to help you plan the month ahead.  Add birthdays, goals, projects, budget needs... anything that you need to remember as you plan your next month.

 The new two-page dated calendar has the corresponding Monthly Home Blessings printed on the side!
Also, around the 25th of each month, you'll be reminded to look ahead and fill out your reminder sheet as you plan the upcoming month.  Too often I've missed birthdays and other deadlines early in the next month because I didn't notice them early enough.  This reminder will be helpful for me, I know!

Were you looking for the fun new addition to the line?  Here it is!!  The "Acts of Kindness, Words of Love" checklist.  On this page you'll find 28 days of encouraging suggestions to help you as you "plan to be a blessing".   If you use it over and over, month by month,  you will build habits of kindness and encouragement.  You'll be writing notes, planning family outings, and making a Happy Monday book of remembrance.  (I'll write more about this next week!!)  Here's a peek!

The Weekly Home Journal and Dated Weekly Calendar pages are condensed versions of the full-sized pages.  The Weekly Home Journal page contains a list of daily and weekly housekeeping suggestions, as well as a place to jot down which of the Monthly Home Blessings you'd like to accomplish during the week.  Also included is a spot for weekly goals and priorities and a little area for notes.  The weekly calendar is dated and has a section to list your menus for each day.

Into His Presence Bible Reading Plan and Journal is now in classic size as well!  I know some of you have been waiting for this!!

Both Monthly Home Blessings and Acts of Kindness/Words of Love can be purchased seperately to add to your current binders, as well!


Rebecca said...

LOVE the new font. . .I'm not a victorian kind of gal. . .looking forward to ordering dated (!) pages soon :)

Rebecca said...

LOVE the new font. . .I'm not a victorian kind of gal. . .looking forward to ordering dated (!) pages soon :)

The Queen Mommy said...

I LOVE the new font - so feminine & pretty! Wow - great job!!!