Monday, June 25, 2012

The GraceWorks Holiday Planner

Welcome friends!

As I was writing the "Preparing for Christmas" blog post, I began to think that it would help us both if we had a place to organize our thoughts and ideas for the upcoming holidays.  I have seen a lot of Holiday Planners that list different things you are supposed to do each week until Christmas, but, unfortunately, those seem to just add to my stress.  What if I got off track?  What if I wanted to do it in a different order?  Eeeek!

The GraceWorks Holiday Planner is meant to simply remind you of things that you need to think through as the Holiday Season approaches.  You are free to schedule your preparations any way that you choose.  The pages are structured with plenty of room to jot notes and capture ideas as you have them.  You can even write in pencil so you can erase things if you change your mind!  : )

Here is an overview of the pages...

The pages are classic sized (5.5" x 8.5") and are single sided to give you lots of extra room for compiling lists, writing notes and brainstorming ideas.  They will be 7-hole punched or Arc punched, as requested.

The pages include...

Holiday Planner Cover Sheet
Christmas Cards
Christmas Gifts
Holiday Menus
Holiday Blessings
Holiday Guests
Lined Notepaper

Here is a sample of the Holiday Blessings page.  You should be able to click on it to see it a little more clearly.

The Holiday Planner Set includes...

One white tab with a blank label (Tab position may vary)
The GraceWorks Holiday Planner page set
1 double-pocket vinyl zip pouch for receipts, recipes and notes

All for only $5.00 + shipping!

** Just a note... The Arc punch through the zipper pouch holds the pouch in place very well.  I tried it to be sure. : )  Of course, the pages will NOT be Arc Punched if you request a 7-hole punch.

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