Saturday, June 16, 2012

Having it All Together

Good morning, friends and neighbors!

I had a lovely visit this morning with one of my local GraceWorks ladies.  Shall I tell you how my house looked when she arrived??  My barking dogs had greeted her at the door and impeded her way through the living room where my cross stitch stand and supplies were set up. In the dining room the table was cluttered with papers and my planner, and the counter was full of dishes that I had left yesterday because I had hurt my shoulder.  On the plus side, I don't think she saw that I hadn't made my bed before I left the house early this morning to take my husband out for his early Father's Day breakfast, and my dear daughter was in the process of cleaning up the kitchen. :)   Of course, she came for some refill pages, so down into the "dungeon" we went.  I had swept the stairs and vacuumed this week, so that was good, but at the foot of the stairs is my crafting area... which is seldom in order, and around the corner is the GraceWorks packing area.


Somewhat in my defense, my dear husband has been doing some remodeling in the basement, so there were boxes piled here and there that shouldn't have been.  But there were packing supplies on the floor, and then there was The Desk.  I'd take a picture but I'm too embarrassed.  I couldn't even find a clean spot to put her order together!  Sigh!!  Learning humility is a good thing, right???

If you are feeling like things have gotten out of control, or you just can't seem to make any headway, don't give up hope!!!!  Just keep working at it.  Little by little.  Each embarrassing episode (!) will simply confirm that you are not perfect yet, and can challenge you keep going or begin anew. Fifteen years ago, I would have been mortified to let someone in my front door.  Today I was horrified because of a little clutter and an out of control desk.  While the feeling may have been much the same, there really has been progress!  And that is encouraging.  All the same, I think I'll go clean the GraceWorks packing area now!!! : )

Have a blessed day!!


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