Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Classic Home Journal Page and Options!

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I have lots of fun things to share with you today to kick off your summer vacation!!  First -- A new daily page has joined our Classic Home Journal line that I think you will enjoy, especially during these busy summer days when planning can be sort of ... shall we say... sporadic?!  Here's a picture...

Yes, you are seeing correctly.  That is pink text!  It makes me smile... : )

We start out with a section for the date and just a few reminders of the basics.  As you think through lunch and supper, jot a note in the pink box, so you'll remember when little people come asking "What's for lunch??"

Next comes a section to write down the top three tasks for the day.  Are there any imperative bills to pay, calls to make or deadlines to meet?   Maybe you need to put a roast in the crockpot in the morning in order to be prepared for supper...  or price things for a rummage sale this weekend.  Perhaps there is some household chore that you have been procrastinating on, that really *needs* to be done today.  You get the idea!

Many of the time management books that I've read encourage you to set your sights on three main projects a day, and then add more as you are able.  If you work to finish these main projects - your first priorities - as soon as you can during the day, you'll be amazed how much you can accomplish.  I've found this especially true if the projects are dull or disagreeable.  When I have completed them I feel like I can tackle anything!

On the right hand side of the page you'll see a scheduling block with no hours assigned.  If you have ever felt guilty using the Daily Pages because the hours don't match your particular needs, you will love this!  Often I will begin my day with my "dailies" and not need to schedule out my day until 9 am or later.  With this format I am able to start my schedule at 9 and run it until bedtime.  Perfect!

The scheduling blocks are broken into 15 minute segments to help us keep on track when we only have a few minutes between commitments.  A great reminder to use your timer as you plan your summer days!

Here are the ordering details, and be SURE to page down for another fun option!!


Print Version Only
30 days per pack / Single Sided (The other side is plain and perfect for jotting notes!)

$5.00/pk - 1-2 packs
$4.80/pk - 3-5 packs
$4.50/pk - 6 + packs

Hole Punch Options:  7 Hole / Arc ... Keep Reading! : )


Are you familiar with Arc Notebooks from Staples?  The classic Home Journal pages are perfect for this format which offers the flexibility of a ring binder combined with the feel of a spiral notebook.  Here's a look ...

The pages can be removed and repositioned on the disks that form the binding...

And I can even punch pages or tab sets or marker rulers to fit, as well!

If a spiral bound planner intrigues you, be sure to let me know!  With a number of different cover styles... from handmade to leather, there is a cover available for every budget, and I have the punch available to punch both your home journal and regular line pages to fit!  Oh!  and these are available in the full size, too!

WHEW!  That was a long post and a lot of information.  Drop me a line at 
if you have any questions or would like to place an order!



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