Monday, June 11, 2012

A Recipe for Cheerfulness...

Good afternoon, friends!

I have been enjoying an old, old book called "Weariness" by HL Sidney Lear, these past few weeks.  What a lovely encouraging book full of wisdom and tenderness for anyone who has ever struggled with loneliness, despair, chronic illness, loss, or depression!  There have been many things that have caught my attention so far, but for today I'd love to share this "recipe for cheerfulness" that was mentioned.

"S Smith had three recipes for cheerfulness:  one was to write on pink note-paper; another a box of bonbons on the chimney-piece, ready to hand; and the third, never to go to bed at night without being able to recall some act of kindness, great or small as it may be, done to another."

Now I'm not sure who S Smith was, but I do think I would have liked to have known her.  I love her ideas of having pretty, feminine note papers; of having something - however small - to give away to others; and of daily looking for an opportunity to be kind to someone, don't you??  There have been many evenings since I read this, thought, that I have had to stop and think earnestly whether or not I fulfilled the last point.  I am "generally" kind, I hope.  I try to speak kindly and be patient and cheerful with those I come into contact with during the day, but have I actually gone out of my way to show kindness to anyone?  It has been - and will continue to be - a good exercise for me and I would love for it to become a settled habit!!

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