Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Monday!

The other day when I was driving, I noticed a house with a beautiful rock garden in the front yard.  It was beautiful!  I enjoy seeing homes with landscaped, well-loved lawns, so I decided that this coming fall and winter I am going to do some research into "lawn-keeping".  I hope to learn lots of things, like how to trim bushes, how to make a little rock garden, how to weed an area that is mulched, and much more!  How about you?  Is there a skill that you have always wished you had a little more knowledge about?  Maybe it is playing an instrument, interior decorating, learning a foreign language or becoming familiar with your word processing program.  Is this something you can start now?  If not, set a start date and add a reminder to your calendar.  You'll have taken the first step to your destination!

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Have a blessed week!

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