Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back to School Sale!

Hello friends!!

Can you believe that it is already the first day of August?  That means that school will be starting soon!  I always looked forward to the beginning of school as a child, because I loved the day we would go "school shopping".  Notebooks, crayons, pens and pencils.... Ahh -- happy memories!  When I started homeschooling it was even better.  Starting in about December, I would begin to plan our next year and order our schoolbooks.  I could hardly wait to begin the next year!!

As a teacher, I was always looking for the perfect lesson plan page for my children.  When my children were younger, I wanted subject blocks to fill out, so I could schedule all my children on one sheet.  As they got older, though, they took more of the planning responsibility, so a smaller "assignment sheet" made the perfect planner.  There were times I planned lesson plans, meals and activities all on the same sheet, and other times that I needed to throw sheets away because we had gotten totally off track..  Are you in the same boat?  Let me show you how we can help!

At GraceWorks we carry three different lesson plan styles...

First...  Apples and Chalkdust
The Apples and Chalkdust pages feature a foldover design that allows you a full 8.5 x 11" spread for each week.  Each package contains 15 double-sided sheets (30 weeks)

Next - Learning Tracks
This unique design is perfect for a child to use on their own, or for you to plan the schooling for just one child.  It features a section for a weekly spelling list, as well as an area to jot down the days menu and activities! - 25 pages (25 weeks)

Finally - Character and Academics
Lesson Plan sheet for the teacher or assignment book for the student - you decide!  Choose a character quality or spiritual goal for the week and assign household or other tasks to be completed as well.  This is a perfect sheet for children with extra-curricular activities such as music or sports practices, farm chores, or after school jobs. 25 pages (50 weeks)

Looking for a student planner, or just a new look for the school year?  We have a special Lavender Line planner available while supplies last.  I think these are SO pretty!  Beautiful weekly planners, to do lists, quiet time journals and lined notepaper, three-hole punched and ready to insert in a classic three-ring 5.5" x 8.5" binder. (Please note, these pages will not work in a 7-ring binder unless they are re-punched.)  These planners are a beautiful, functional way for your students to start learning to manage their time this school year.  And the pages are fun to add some color to our own planners as well!

Check out the website (Under Classic Planners) for prices, and scroll down for some August Sales!!


This month only!  

**  Purchase one package of Apples and Chalkdust and receive a second package FREE!  That is 30 sheets for only $3.99!  Please only put one package in your shopping cart if you would like two, etc, because we will double the amount of packages you request when we pack your order. : )

**  Purchase a Lavender Line starter planner for $12.00 and receive a lavender Character and Academics free (while supplies last!) .  The Character and Academics pages do not need to be added to your shopping cart.  We will add them here!

Have a blessed month!

aka Mrs. GraceWorks

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