Friday, August 31, 2012

Beauty in Simplicity and Other News

Wouldn't it be nice if planning your time for the week could be as simple as a walk through a beautiful flower garden?  Our Simplicity pages try to do just that.  Beautiful pages that are thoughtfully laid out can help you plan and organize your time, and enjoy doing it!

Our classic sized Simplicity pages are 5.5" x 8.5" and 7 hole punched to fit in our many lovely classic binders.  They are printed on a creamy paper that is beautiful and functional.  On the left you will find a weekly schedule separated into three sections - perhaps morning, afternoon, evening?  or appointments, to do's, and menus??  It's your choice!  To the right of the 2-page spread you will find the "Garden Spot" a place to be refreshed and encouraged...  Let's look!

Classic Simplicity page - Garden Spot
At the top of the page you'll see a place for a weekly focus.  Perhaps cleaning a room, drinking more water, or being content!  The blank area can be used for notes, scripture to memorize, or even a prayer of your heart for the week ahead.  Then we have areas for Prayer Requests, Things to Do, Special Days, and Errands.  These help us group like tasks together so we can fit them into our busy schedules when we have little chunks of time.

Here's a look at the back ...

Classic Simplicity / Weekly Planning
We just received the new print run of the Petite Simplicity pages back in stock.  They are like their Classic counterparts with just a few differences...

First, let me mention that I scanned these out of order... the Simplicity page really does go on the right! : )  OK... differences...

*  Size:  Petite pages measure 3.75" x 6.75" and are 6-hole punched.  They fit our selection of beautiful petite binders.

*  Just a Note:  Because the pages are so much smaller, the "Call/Write" section has been generalized to "Just a Note".

* Open Block:  For the same reason, one of the blocks each day has been left unlined to increase the page's flexibility.  I like the fact that the one unlined block pulls my eye to it.  I think it would be a great block to use for menu plans!

Did you notice our "oops!" ?   The top graphic was meant to read... "Redeeming the Time, with a heart to know Him."  Unfortunately, with the switch to the digital file, the words "with a heart to" were lost.  Isn't it interesting how the Lord plans even our mistakes, though?  Now it reads... "Redeeming the time...     Know Him."  Truly that is what is the most important!!

One thing that we couldn't help but notice during this print run was how much the prices for printing have increased.  Try as we might to keep prices down on the pages and shipping, I believe we are going to have to raise them some when the new website comes online.  Our goal is to have the new website up in October... but early November might be a more realistic timeframe, so you have a month or two to shop at the old prices.  You can stock up for Christmas Presents and the start of the new year!  Be sure to tell your friends, too!  And rest assured that we will continue do everything possible to give you the best value for your money.  I understand fully how careful we all must be right now to make it stretch.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  Have a blessed weekend!

Mrs. GraceWorks 

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