Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy "Begin Again" Day!

Don't you just love Mondays?!  I know that some people dread the beginning of their work week and would love to stay in bed just a few minutes longer, but I enjoy Mondays because they are a "begin again" day.  If I've gotten off track during the week I always feel like I'm starting with a clean slate on Monday, so that is the day I seem to get the most accomplished around here.  Today I had a project that *had* to be completed one way or the other, even though I'm still not sure I've done it correctly.  We are reprinting some pages that I don't have the original files for, and I'm praying that they will turn out nicely!   I've been putting off taking them to be printed for close to a month because I am afraid the updated page won't be perfect, and I do so want your pages to be a blessing to you!  But it feels like a weight is off my shoulders this afternoon, just to have the process finally started - no matter what the outcome will be!

Do you have any projects like that in your life?  Things that you know you need to deal with but feel ill-qualified to complete them, or uncertain as to the next step?  Take some time this week to pray about them and see what you can do to speed them on the way to completion.  You'll be so relieved when they are off of your mind!

Here's your Happy Monday prompt today...
A project that I've been procrastinating on is....



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