Monday, August 20, 2012

It's all in the Details

I am not a very good detail person.  I see the big picture much more easily than the day to day nuts and bolts of any project, which is why I *need* to have some routines in place to keep my day and my home in order.  My "first things first" list and my evening routine are invaluable tools if my home and family are going to have a peaceful Mom!  Why is it, then, that those very routines that help us are the ones we tend to neglect?  "I'm just going to take one night off of the dishes", "I can make the bed later", "I prayed for breakfast, isn't that enough?"  Each time I (we!) don't do the details, we will soon have to eat "the bread of idleness".  I love that saying from Proverbs 31.  I like to think of the idleness -- laziness, if you will -- as a type of yeast.  It starts small, but keeps growing, until pretty soon everything is once again out of control.  How did the Proverbs 31 woman combat this?  See her working? Daily - hourly - she watches over the ways of the household.  This busy woman knew that it's all in the details.

Are there any details in your life that you need to revisit?  Washing the dishes before bed?  Laying out clothes for the next day?  Being faithful in your time with the Lord?  Take some time to think about it as you answer today's Happy Monday prompt...

A routine that helps my home feel more peaceful is...



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