Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2013 Classic Home Journal Pages are Ready!

Hello everyone!

It is definitely fall at my house!  The leaves are starting to float down to the ground, you can smell wood burning in the mornings and the school children are tramping by morning and afternoon.  This time of year always makes me want to have some planning sessions... in fact I spent most of this morning making out a list of Christmas presents that I need to buy, and then I turned to January in my planner only to realize I didn't have next year's calendar printed yet!  Happily, I can remedy that situation today, because....

The dated Classic Home Journal pages are now ready for next year!

The complete set includes:
January - December 2013 Dated Monthly Calendars (2 pages per month, printed on a heavier-weight cardstock, with the Monthly Reminder and Acts of Kindness pages printed on the other side)

January - December 2013 Dated Weekly Home Journal / Weekly Planning Pages

These pages are printed in house at the time of your order, so they make take an extra few days to arrive at your door. : )  Remember, these can be punched for your either your existing 3 or 7 hole Classic size binder, or for an ARC notebook.  The price is just $27.95 for a year's worth of pages, plus $5.00 shipping.  Use the button below to order, or contact me at gracewrks @ gmail.com (without the spaces) if you have any questions!

2013 Classic Home Journal Options

Price:  $27.95 + $5.00 shipping
US only, please

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Looking for a Happy Monday prompt...  (or Happy Tuesday - since I'm a day late?)  Here you go!

My favorite fall smell is...

Have a blessed day!


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