Monday, September 17, 2012

Diligent or Distracted??

I looked up the word "diligence" yesterday while I was working on a Bible Study that I am writing.  Here's the definition I found that was so convicting to me!

dil·i·gence 1 (d l -j ns). n. 1. Earnest and persistent application to an undertaking; steady effort

Does this describe you?  Unfortunately I'm usually fighting against this...

dis·tract·ed (d -str k t d). adj. 1. Having the attention diverted

It is easy to become distracted when our enthusiasm about a project begins to wane, or when another task presents itself to view, but it is *so important* that we learn to live with diligence!  Diligence puts the clothes away rather than leaving them in the laundry basket.  Diligence makes the bed in the morning, and picks up the dirty clothes on the way out of the room rather than stepping over them.  Diligence puts the pen in the pen cup rather than on the counter, and throws away the ink cartridge wrapper rather than leaving it on the desk to do "later".  Diligence completes each task... completely.

So many of us are trying to get so much done that we never "have the time" to complete the tasks we start.  My desk right now is a perfect example.  I have a card I need to answer, a printed pattern of a quilt block I would like to make, and an ink cartridge wrapper from the other day when I needed something printed *right then*.  A receipt to be filed.  A pen,  A pad of paper. A bill to pay.  And a sense of total lack of direction while I sit here writing this post.  Why?  Because in my haste to complete things, I didn't really complete them at all.  How much time does it take to throw away a paper, file a receipt or put a bill in the "BILLS" folder to deal with on payday?  Yet with those little acts of "completion" you can redeem both time and peace as you go through your day.

Are there any places in your home like my desk?  FlyLady calls them "hot spots".  Places that seem to gather things and then multiply them when you aren't looking.  I'm going to spend a few minutes putting things away right now, and you can be sure that I will be practicing diligence this week, so I can report better things next Monday! :)

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