Monday, October 8, 2012

Little by Little

"For precept must be upon precept...line upon line, here a little, and there a little..." Isaiah 28:10

My "here a little and there a little" lately has been in my basement and garage, culling through paper clutter and years of other gathered debris.  The refrain, "Would you want to move this?" is running through my mind as my husband and I sort and toss, especially after watching my Mom and Dad (who grew up during the Depression) recently try to downsize their belongings to move to a new home.  I cleaned out a cabinet in the kitchen yesterday, feeling ruthless as I filled a bag or two for Goodwill of items that were really *nice*, but that I didn't use, need or even especially like.   When I opened the cupboard door this morning, my husband said, "This house will be happy because it's lighter!", and truly it does seem to make a difference.

As we sorted in the garage the other night we noticed that he and I keep things for different reasons.  He is very sentimental and loves to keep things that remind him of important people or events... even if those things are boxed up and he never looks at them.  I keep things because I'm afraid to throw them away, especially paper.  "Throw this away?? *GASP* But I might need it later!!"  (Whether or not I could actually find it later is another thing, entirely!!)  I am getting better, though.  In the last week I've shredded entire boxes full of paper 15 minutes at a time.  I figure I'm pretty safe with most receipts from 2006 and before! : ) And slowly, but surely, I'm learning to release the other paper clutter of the past, keeping only the important things like tax related documents, warranty info (for items we still have!), medical records, etc.

The next area that is calling my name is decluttering my stash of cookbooks.  I hate doing this, but since our eating habits have changed because of our food allergies, I really use very few of the cookbooks I have in the house.  "Little by little..." That's my motto!  15 minutes here and there makes it a fun task rather than an overwhelming one.  Feel free to join me!!

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Vicki said...

Decluttering can be really difficult. I'm strange because it's actually one of my favorite things to do! I always tell my friends that if they're having a hard time I'll be happy to come over and help - but I will be wearing my drill sergeant costume haha. My advice when you come to items that you truly can't make a decision on: put them in a well-marked tub/box. On your calendar, schedule a day in three months to go through it again. You may have to do this in several increments, but you will work your way through the tub. The hardest thing for me to declutter is photos. It can take me forever to make decisions on letting go of a fuzzy out-of-focus photo just because it's of someone special to me. Keep going - you can do it!

Meari said...

I'm new to your blog... Are you moving? Is that why you're decluttering? Or, just because?

I used to save all the receipts and staple them to bank statements/credit card statements. The BF said he never keeps that stuff because why would he need them? He had a point... Why would I need gas station receipts stapled to the statement, especially when I keep my "books" in QuickBooks. Now, I scan my statements to PDF and if the receipt contains a tangible item then I'll scan that too. I save all the PDF's on an external hard drive... all in an effort to downsize the paper. LOL, TMI?

I need to declutter more, too!