Monday, October 22, 2012

Who do you admire?

As I was decluttering in a downstairs closet last week, I ran across a small little book written in 1893 by Henry Drummond, called "The Changed Life".  It was a very quick read - only 64 pages, but I venture to think that it will have an eternal impact on my life.  At least I hope it will.  One of the statements that I found so profound was this...

We become like those that we habitually admire.

I remember my children imitating my words and actions when they were just little.  I can still picture my 3 year old son sitting down and "reading" a favorite Christmas storybook to us.  Of course, he couldn't read yet, but somehow he quoted the entire book and used the *exact* inflections and hand motions that I had used during the countless times I had read the book to him.  He even turned the pages at the correct time!  While that is a fun and precious memory, the memory of my six year daughter saying something out of line to her younger brother and sister, also in my *exact* tone of voice, was a sobering wake up call to me that I needed to be what I wanted my children to become.   It is a beautiful thought to realize that our heavenly Father - revealed in the face of Jesus Christ - already is what He wants us to become.  By spending our time with Him daily, admiring Him, drinking deeply in His Word, learning to think His thoughts and love what He loves, we will find that what starts as imitation of one we love will almost imperceptibly become part of our character, until we will show - as Oswald Chambers has so aptly said - "a strong family likeness to Jesus."

But what if I dilute His influence with the words and actions of the people I watch on TV?  Or the friends I have that love to gossip or complain?  Or by imitating the "smart" women of today in their dress, their loves, their music, their hopes, their goals and their dreams?  I'm afraid that soon my spirit will become dry and brittle.  My words will become sharp and carry an edge of bitterness and disillusionment and I will find myself discontented and depressed.

Here's my prayer for myself today...

"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me".  May each of us possess a spirit that bears a strong family likeness to our Saviour!!

Your Happy Monday prompt for today...

A character quality in my life that I would like to be more like Christ is...



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