Monday, November 5, 2012

All That I Need

All morning I've been humming the little chorus "He's All I Need"....

He's all that I need, He's all that I need.
Jesus is all that I need...
He's my soul's inspiration,
My heart's consolation, 
He's my everything and He's all I need.

I've been thinking a lot about needs vs wants lately... especially the word "enough".   Here are some synonyms...

sufficient - adequate - ample - satisfactory

Have you noticed that in our world nothing is ever enough?  The amazing phone of yesterday is outdated in a week.  The internet is never fast enough.  You can never have enough craft supplies, because something new and better is constantly being released.  As the new year approaches, I've been praying that the Lord will open my eyes to areas that I have this "never enough" mentality in.  As I sat down to write in my journal the first night it was embarrassing!  I had wanted new stamps, a new notebook, a new cross stitch pattern and more, and in each and every instance I had ENOUGH.  I have an ample amount of projects for my cross stitching pleasure... for a year or more!  I don't have those particular rubber stamps, but I do have others that will do the job satisfactorily.  I have an adequate notebook right now as well that will last a while longer.  It hurts me to say it, but I'm beginning to feel that each time I long for something newer and better, that I know I don't need, because I have plenty, but I *want* it just the same...  I'm starting to realize that I'm saying to the Lord... "what you have provided is not enough."  Shame on me!!   There has never been anything that I truly needed that the Lord has not provided.  But there have been plenty of times that I have *thought* that He didn't.  Times when I needed to look at things a little differently...

"Do I really need this now?"
"Can I make do with something else for awhile?"
"Can I do without?"

When I have been content with what He has given me and then placed before Him my needs in prayer, He has always provided in His time.  And in His graciousness He has often blessed me with some of my wants as well.  What a merciful God He is!

As I look ahead to Thanksgiving, I'm going to try to play a little game with myself.  When I find myself wishing and longing for *more*, I'm going to stop and think of what I have already to be thankful for in what God has already provided.  I hope that will help me internalize this concept and more and more cause thanksgiving to be my first response.  Join me???

Your Happy Monday prompt for today is...
I remember God meeting a special need for me when...



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