Monday, November 12, 2012

My Monday List

Hello friends!

I'm dropping by a little late today, because I just made it to the "Write Happy Monday post" entry in my to do list. :)  I love certain tasks laid out for me to follow each day , but sometimes there are just a lot of little things that I need to do that don't really fit in any specific category.   Today, I grabbed some notepaper and walked through the house, jotting down all of these "need to do's" that I saw or was reminded of, as well as any "normal" Monday tasks.  There were lots of things on my list -- Goodwill, Monday laundry, sweep stairs, take things down above kitchen cupboards and wash, file pile by phone, mail cross stitch charts, schedule appointment in December, empty household trash, clean tub, etc, etc, etc...  Whew!

I decided that I would start at the top of the list and work my way down.  This doesn't work for everyone, but I love to do things in order!  If the job would take less than 15 minutes I would just do it.  If it would take more than 15 minutes, I would set my timer and work on it for 15 minutes and then go to the next thing on the list.  When I reach the end of the list I'll start at the top again.  So far I've done 32 things that were on my list. : )  There were a few 15 minute jobs but really most of them just needed a few minutes of my time and concentration - like scheduling an appointment or writing a tentative date on the calendar in my planner.  As I thought of new things, or saw another task I needed to complete, I just added it to the end of my list, since I plan to work from it again tomorrow.

Do you have a lot of little tasks that have built up around your house?  Perhaps this idea might help you corral them all in one place and then you can tackle them one by one!

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