Thursday, November 29, 2012

The New Shoppe is Online!

Good morning, friends!

Having the website go down yesterday put me in high gear to open the new shoppe that we've been working on for months - Ready or Not!!  I'm praying that the glitches will be few, but if you have trouble be sure to email me at  Be sure to keep reading and you might find a special Christmas surprise!!  So...Would you like a tour??

You can enter our new shoppe by clicking on either the "Shoppe" button or the underlined text below it.

Here's the Home page.  It will have occasional updates and sale information.  The categories are on the side now, and you can now order the 28 Day Challenge, Planning to be a Blessing, and the Home Journal planners online!

When you click on a Category link on the left you will be directed to a page like this, with different sub-categories to choose from.  Just click on a picture... or the words underneath... I can't remember!

When you arrive on a product page, be sure to click on the picture to enlarge it!

Now the sad part.  As I mentioned before, with the rising prices of paper and printing, we have had to raise our prices.  But in order to help you as much as we can, we've changed our packaging sizes to be more "user friendly".  You can now purchase most of our pages in packs of 10, 25 or 55.  Perhaps you need a year's worth of Simplicity pages, but only 10 Little Rewards.  Under our old pricing that would have required you to purchase 2 packs of Simplicity pages and a 25 pack of Rewards...  About $16.00.  Your cost now would only be $11.50.  The packs of 10 will also allow you to try a number of the pages you've always wanted to see, but couldn't justify buying in a pack of 25.  Our shipping prices will now be automatically figured online by the Postal Service based on the weight of your package (with a minimum $5.00 charge).  That will help us both, I hope!

Here is a picture of your page choices.  Just click one of the buttons to choose your amount and then press the "Add to Cart" button.

In order to check out you will be asked to register.  I know this can be a hassle, but otherwise we are unable to figure the shipping amount based on your zip code.  But here is something fun...

We are now able to offer coupons!!  For the current coupon (or voucher code, as it is called here) visit the new website.  You'll find it on the home page after you enter the store. : )

I'd love for you to take a walk through our new home!  And keep in touch!  There is more to come! : )

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Grace Mieczkowski said...

It looks absolutely wonderful! I think having more page amounts will be a very good move.