Monday, January 7, 2013

A Special Word

A number of years ago, on a stamping blog, I read about a gal that had chosen a word to concentrate on for the whole year.  Her word had been "adventure" and she listed all the adventures that she had had that year.  I thought that was such an interesting idea, especially looking at it through a Biblical lens, so the first year I chose "trust" as my word.  Wow!  What a year that was.  Apparently in order to learn "trust" you need to also experience trials. : )  In later years I have chosen "peace", "satisfied", and "rest"... each one carrying with it it's own special remembrances of God's working in my life.  This year I'm looking at a number of words.
and second...

I'd love to have a daily reminder that my life is ALWAYS, ONLY and ALL for Christ. And that if I stay close to Him, His grace will OVERFLOW into my life so that I can then OVERFLOW into the lives of others.

One way I've thought about keeping track of my journey is just jotting notes in my Daily Bible Reading Journal and another is to use the Journal of Inner Beauty  pages in the classic size.

One of the things that I like about the Inner Beauty pages are that they not only have a place for the "word" I've chosen at the top, but there is also a spot to name the enemy of that character quality.  When my word was TRUST, the enemy would have been DOUBT or, more to the point, NOT BELIEVING GOD's WORD.  Hmmm.  It may be hard for me to trust in certain circumstances, but when I see that by not trusting God I am not believing what He has told me, then I can do nothing but fall at His feet and ask for His help and forgiveness.  By journaling our journey, we can see how God has worked in our lives over the year.  What a blessing it is to read back over His goodness and faithfulness when the way gets dark!! 

If you do end up choosing a word for the year, I'd love to hear it.  It does my heart good to hear from you all!!!

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