Tuesday, April 16, 2013

28 Day Challenge - Day 2

Day One Check In --
Hi everyone!  How did Day One go??  (If you are just seeing this and would like to join us, just jump in where we are!!) I still need to fold another load of clothes and do my dishes tonight, but other than that I'm done.  YAY!  BTW, if you are waiting on a GraceWorks order, they should all be shipped by Wednesday.  I was out of town from Thursday to Sunday, so things are a little behind here.  Which makes it the PERFECT time to start the challenge, doesn't it!! : )

By the way, I have been working on the shipping in the store again.  SIGH!  Here's the notice on the store front...

The shipping calculator seems to be fixed... but please look at our shipping policies to see an estimated shipping amount for your purchase and contact me at gracewrks@gmail.com if the amount on your invoice seems out of line.  Most orders within the US will cost between $3.00 - $12.00 to ship unless it is extremely bulky or heavy.  Thank you for your patience with us!!   

And here's the blurb from the Shipping Policies page...

Need an estimate of your shipping costs?  If your order consists primarily of refill pages or other papers, it will cost between $3 - $6 to ship.  If you add a binder, the cost is usually $7-$10.  Almost all packages shipped in the US will ship for under $15.00.

All that to say that if you get a shipping charge that looks out of line, just email me and I'll send you an invoice with the correct amount!!  

OK... on to Day Two!  I'll talk to you tomorrow & be sure to email me with your updates at gracewrks@gmail.com (remember that there is no "o" in gracewrks in the email address!)  Have a wonderful day!!


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