Saturday, April 20, 2013

28 Day Challenge - Day 6

Day 5 Update - 
Hello all!  How are you doing on the challenge today?  It's 1:00 in the afternoon here and my day is not super productive so far.  First Things are Done and laundry is in process.  I've mailed out orders and gone to the bank, but now I'm on hold for a lot of my list while my college age son catches up on some much needed sleep.  I don't want to vacuum or make too much noise and wake him up!!   Hmmm... looking at my list I see three or four quiet things that could occupy my time and still accomplish something while he rests.  Isn't that interesting... I was ready to write off the next two hours because I couldn't work on the project I had planned.  I'm glad I looked at my list! 

There are a few of you who mentioned that you would like to join us for the challenge that I haven't had an email from yet.  Even if you are struggling to keep up I'd love to hear from you.  I really tend to give points more easily than the challenge would indicate! : )  Thanks for coming along with me!

Here's today's list...

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Stacy said...

Oh, just now catching up on e-mail. Boo, I should have checked a week ago. But, good news I cleaned my car today! I may be a week behind you but at least I got that done today! I actually, washed, waxed and detailed the inside of my car, so that took the whole day! I am off to start some laundry and review my planner for next week.
Wish me luck, as I am not good at doing housework after work during the week. I usually wait until the weekend and then I am am totally overwhelmed with it all.
Thanks for the challenge!