Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Musing - A Challenge

I can certainly tell that it is just a little over three months into the year.  I'm ready for change! Winter to Spring, sweaters to shirt sleeves, warm soups to cool salads -- and it's time to update my planner, too!  I usually put about three to four months worth of pages into my planner at a time.  It reminds me to reevaluate my system and gives me a chance to make some changes if necessary.  What is working?  What isn't?  Do I like the size binder that I'm using?  Did it get put on a shelf after the Christmas decorations came down?  Where do I need to go from here?

Something I enjoy pulling out once a year or so - especially when I've gotten lax in my routines and need a little jumpstart - is my printed copy of the 28 Day Challenge that we did on the blog a few years ago.  The challenge is based on our ever popular Beautiful Life Management pages and was developed at first as a training tool to use the system.   Over the years, though, the challenge has been taken by scores of ladies using a variety of our pages, or others of their choosing, and I've been able to "meet" many of you as you've reported in by email to get your points and claim your prizes.

If you are not familiar with the challenge, here is a look at Day One...

So far what I've realized today after looking at the list is that I got WAY off track last week while I was musing in my closet... : )  With the time it took to complete that project (which turned out very nicely, by the way!  My Dear Husband and my Dad both commented on how nice my clothes looked last week.  We will try not to dwell on what I've looked like up 'til now.... hmmm.... ) ANYWAY,  the simple fact is that my routines and my planner are out of sync!!!   Some things are perfectly under control while other areas are suffering, and I need some time to think and put the pieces back together. So I've decided to try to take my own challenge from the beginning one more time starting next Monday.  Interestingly enough the last time I determined to take the challenge I was in a car accident the afternoon of Day One and wasn't able to finish it.  I do hope there won't be a repeat of that attempt!! : )

Would you care to join me??

You can get the ebooklet of the challenge by emailing me at,  If you don't use the Beautiful Life Management pages, but would like to try them during the challenge, I have a BLM challenge pack available for $7.95 including shipping, with enough pages to last for the entire 28 days.

We'll start next Monday, the 15th.  Hope to see you then!! : )



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Misti said...

I'm in! My schedule needs some revamping & I need to get back in the habit in a few areas. :D