Monday, April 15, 2013

Welcome to the 28 Day Challenge!!

Welcome friends!  

I'm so excited to take this journey with you!!  I thought that today I'd show you some of the pages and products that I'll be using during the challenge and show you how I'll be tailoring it to my life.   Then, starting tomorrow, I'll be giving you my updates.  Remember, I hope to hear from each of you as well!  I'll be keeping track of all of our points, and you'll be able to earn product prizes just by completing the challenge with me!! : )  YAY!!

All right, first I have a binder.  We have many different 3 and 7 ring binders in stock, and I also have the punch available for the disc-bound ARC notebooks from Staples, for those who prefer the "spiral bound" format.

Behind the cover sheet of my tab set (a Keepsake set for me!)  I have a calendar that is dated for the next two months.  I don't always have a full year's worth of pages in my planner.  If something is in a month past the pages I have dated, I slip in a piece of notepaper and jot myself a note to add it to the calendar when I update my planner.

Behind the monthly calendar I have two Year at a Glance calendar pages.  One has a list of birthdays and anniversaries, and I'll be using the second one as a way to keep up with some deadlines I have on my cross-stitch and rubber stamping blogs.

Behind the next tab I've put all of my weekly sheets.  I have decided to use the Beautiful Life Management "Freestyle" sheets (Style 3) for this challenge, but I wanted one of the Style 1 sheets in my planner to reference for the daily housekeeping suggestions. 

Then I have a couple Weekly Menu Planners...

And some Keeping in Mind sheets... one per week for me...

Also in this section I have two pieces of lined notepaper.  One will be for me to record what outfit I wear each day -- I need to see how my "capsule wardrobe" works out over the next few months! -- and the second piece of paper will be for me to record my blessing, memory or lesson at the end of each day.  There is a place to write them on the BLM sheet, but this way I can keep them all together... OH!  I just remembered the "Memories to Keep" page!  That would be perfect!  Maybe I'll use that instead...

Now we come to my "Daily" tab.  I'm going to use the Beautiful Life Management  Freestyle pages (Style #3) this time, because I love the character reminders for each day, and I don't mind writing down each day's housekeeping suggestions from my Style #1 (or #2) sheet.  The freestyle sheet is a little less "cluttered" on top, but it DOES still have the Morning Routine reminders each day which is GOOD for me!!!

I have three other tabs in my binder.  Behind the first I have different lists... monthly crafting goals, a budget list, gift ideas, and books I would like to read.  The next tab marks my "Blessings" section.  I have an entire section of favorite verses, poems and thoughts that I can turn to when I need encouragement.  The final section of my planner is filled with lined notepaper, to be used however it's needed!  

The BLM packet also comes with a couple of other pages as well.  The Mountains of Success pages help us as we strive to reach character or practical goals....

And the Morning Latte pages are wonderful for our daily quiet time.

I'm currently using the "Into His Presence" Bible Reading Schedule and it's in a separate notebook.

Another page that I'll probably use occasionally would be one of the daily pages with an hourly schedule, like the Daily Planner or the Classic Home Journal Daily page.  Sometimes I need to plan out my day a little more strictly!! : )

Whew!  So let's get started!  Here is today's list...  Be sure to let me know if you'd like to join in or if you need an ebooklet!!  I'm going to get to work and I'll check in with you tomorrow!  




blessedmomof3 said...

I need to do this, and put my BLM binder to good use. The day has only just begun for me, so I hope to accomplish a lot!


Misti said...

Day 1 was successful!!!! I've made progress since the first time I participated! Thanks so much for starting this challenge again.