Saturday, May 4, 2013

28 Day Challenge - Day 20

My update - 
Hi everyone!  You all are doing such a good job with the challenge!  You inspire and encourage me.  I have been getting quite a bit done each day, but not in the prescribed order. :)  Have you had that problem, too?  One of the reasons to take the 28 Day Challenge is to help you decide if the pages are right for you.  If you find that you need the encouragement of the housekeeping ideas but don't ever seem to do them on the days suggested, you might be interested in trying our full or classic sized Home Journal pages.  Both sizes offer a complete weekly list of suggestions, but you can spread them over your week however works best with your schedule.  You can find more information about the full-size, dated, downloadable pages here, or the dated classic pages here .  

Have a blessed day!


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