Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Continuing On...

Good morning, friends!

Welcome to Continuing On!  This is sort of a long introductory post, so you might want to grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in for a few minutes!! : )

Many of you have been taking the 28 Day Challenge with me over the past month, and I've been thrilled to hear of your progress!  It always saddens me to finish the challenge and have all those emails stop, so, for the next 28 days or so, I'd like to go on another journey -- this time inspired by the Freestyle Pages of the Beautiful Life Management System.  Here's a look...

You'll notice that the First Things First are still in place across the top, but the daily list of housekeeping suggestions have been replaced with a word or Bible character.  During the challenge I mentioned that I often used these sheets over the weekend, but they are also wonderful for those of you who schedule your days a little differently, but still like the focus that the BLM pages can give.  One thing that is often overlooked on these pages is the wealth of instruction and encouragement that the Daily Words can give.  Over the next few weeks, let's focus on the day's word together here on the blog, while you either go through the challenge once again on your own, or you work to figure out your own personalized weekly housekeeping plan.   There will be a small new stand-alone challenge each day that you can use in place of or alongside of the challenge for the day in the challenge booklet.  Once a week (more or less!) I'd love to hear from you to see how you are doing ... whether you are continuing on with the 28 Day Challenge or just following along with the new series.  Honestly, I just don't want to lose track of everyone! : )

Let's Get Started!

Today is Tuesday, and our Bible character is Ruth.

One thing I admire about Ruth is her teachability.  She is a beautiful example of a younger woman looking up to and learning from an older woman, just as Naomi is an example of an older woman teaching and modeling a love for God to the next generation.      Naomi was a Titus 2 older woman, just as Ruth was a Titus 2 younger woman.  The teaching was probably accomplished over grinding grain or sewing clothing. There was probably not a lot of formal "Bible Study" involved, but the purity of Naomi's life in a culture of idol worship must have touched Ruth's life in such a way that Ruth embraced both Naomi and Naomi's God, because Naomi's God permeated Naomi's life.

Today's challenge:
You are always an older and a younger woman!  As a younger woman, are you looking to learn from those both older than you in age and older than you in the Lord?  Be careful who you choose to listen to!  Ask the Lord to show you someone with whom you can have the practical type of relationship that Ruth had with Naomi.  True godliness should and will overflow into the most mundane everyday areas and shouldn't just be confined to a Ladies Bible Study.

As an older woman, are you seeking to pass on practical and daily godly living to the next generation?  Many of us have daughters at home, but if you don't, begin to pray for God to show you how He would like you to encourage others... daughters-in-law, granddaughters, single gals from church, or even younger married women.  Many of us would love to be a penpal with an older woman and learn from her!  A blog I love to read that embodies this example is Dear Lissy .  What a treasure trove of advice and godliness is there!

Take some time today and this week to jot down your thoughts in your planner or a notebook as the Lord brings ideas to mind.  If you are impressed with a person to disciple, the Meaningful Ministry pages might be a blessing to you to track your times together.



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