Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Esther-Like Honor

Good morning, ladies!  If this post looks familiar, you may have already gotten it in your email... I hit publish too soon! : )  Be sure to read yesterday's post called Continuing On, if you haven't already!! : )

With that let's move on to Wednesday!! : )

Wednesday:  Esther - "Pleasing my King as I seek to serve Him"

Have you read Esther lately?  Being an orphan in captivity in a strange land would have been undeniably hard, but then to be chosen to be "tried out" as a wife to a heathen king?  There is no denying that her circumstances were less than ideal.  Yet when we stand back and look at her life as a whole we see God's hand plainly working all things together for good.  God used Esther's responses of love and loyalty to a heathen King to soften his heart and ultimately save the Jewish people.  How would you and I have fared in the same situation?  Would we have been able to rest in God through unpleasant circumstances and still treat the authority over us with love, honor and respect?  Or would a chance cutting remark have doomed our kinsfolk to destruction?  How about in our families today?  Do we show a reverence to our husband, or is our voice laced with tones of irritation, impatience and sarcasm?

Today's Challenge...

Listen to yourself!  How is your tone of voice?  What are your heart responses to your husband ? This week, ask the Lord to show you more Esther-like ways to honor and reverence the man God has given you.  Write him a note of appreciation.  Notice when he fixes something around the house, or fills up the car with gas.  Ask his advice and take it.  Pray for him and tell him so.  (Hmmm, I should add some of these to my Acts of Kindness sheet for the month!)  Have a blessed day and don't forget to "plan to be a blessing"!


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