Wednesday, May 29, 2013

For Such a Time as This

It is Wednesday again and our Bible character today is Esther.

One of the phrases that stands out to me every time I read the book of Esther is found when Mordecai says, "...who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"  

I've always tended to look at that statement and think... "There will be some great work for me to do sometime... I just need to watch for it!"  And then I would get discouraged because I was in the middle of diapers, or homeschool papers, or gluten free food and think that my "great thing" must be WAY down the road somewhere!  What I don't think I truly realized until the other day was that each experience in your life -- each new bit of knowledge, each trial, each lesson, even each failure! -- is being stored up so God can use you for many "such a times".  Here are just a few instances of "for such a time as this" that I've seen in my life over the past few months...

A medical transcription course interrupted by my first child and never restarted has given me the ability to better understand the doctors and help my Dad navigate my Mom's stroke rehabilitation.

Some piano pieces that I arranged for fun years ago - all old hymns - were a blessing to both my Mom and Dad when I put them on a CD, because Mom remembers them and they are like old friends.

The trial of living with multiple food allergies gives me an empathy for the needs and heartaches of others who live with chronic illnesses.

It amazed me to realize that even the things that others would say I failed at - things like the medical transcription course - have been used by the Lord "for such a time as this".  Do you feel like you are in a trial so deep that you don't have anything to offer anyone else?  Don't get discouraged, sister!!  Just stay on course following and loving the Lord with your whole heart.  He is working in you day by day by day, preparing you to bless another by the very trials and experiences that He is currently working into you.  

Our "such a time" will probably not involve saving an entire nation, but it may encourage a friend, hold up the hands of a weary saint, or offer compassion to one of Christ's little ones, and it will be a precious offering to the Lord if it is done out of love for Him.

Look back over your life and see how God has prepared you for where you currently are.    Can you see that each step has prepared you for the next one and built on the one before? Let's encourage each other to continue learning, so we'll always a little more prepared for the "such a times" that the Lord brings into our lives!  



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