Monday, May 13, 2013

GraceNotes for Girls and Other News!

Good Morning, Friends!

I have a couple pieces of news today, but first we need to do some housekeeping!  Don't forget to send me your final reports for the challenge by Wednesday.  I'll be sending out points awarded later this week.  YAY!  We love prizes!! : )

News Tidbit #1 -- I'll be starting a new series on the blog tomorrow called "Continuing On".  It will be a modified version of the challenge using the FreeStyle pages as its base.  You'll have to stop by tomorrow to see what is in store!!

And finally, our fun news for today...

Introducing GraceNotes for Girls!  A new e-magazine filled with stories, games, poems and pictures for 8-13 year old girls. " Tween" girls are bombarded with the world's values from all angles today.  The heart of GraceNotes for Girls is to offer a fun quarterly magazine for girls that is based on what is good and lovely and Christlike.  And there will be bonus issue around Christmas time as a special treat!!

Since it is easier to show rather than tell about what we have in store, we'd love to offer you a free copy of our Trial Edition.  This is NOT a full size edition.  We have many ideas we would like to implement!  But we would love those of you who know or have girls ages 6-15 to email us for a copy at and, in return, let us know what your girls think of the magazine!  The magazine can be viewed on screen, or you can send it to your Kindle reader (color would be best!), as it will be in pdf format.  You could even print it and show it to your friends!  You might at least want to print the games page - especially if you have more than one girl that would enjoy it. : )

If the e-magazine looks like something your girls would enjoy, you can order a one year subscription for $10.00 (5 issues / 1 each quarter + the BONUS Christmas edition).   I'll be adding the subscription to the website as soon as I publish this post!

Thanks so much for sharing our excitement!  I look forward to hearing from you soon, and tell your friends!



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