Friday, May 24, 2013

In His Presence

Good morning, ladies!

Today is Friday and we get to spend another day with Anna, praising the Lord together!

Wouldn't you love to be like Anna?  Last week we talked about her life of overflowing praise, but another thing that I love about Anna is that she knew Christ.  Not like Mary and Joseph and the shepherds who had an angelic announcement.  Not like the people during His later ministry who heard Him speak and saw the miracles that He performed.    Perhaps, like Simeon, God had revealed to her that she would see the Christ before she died, but the Bible doesn't tell us.  All it says is that her life was devoted to fasting and prayer and service and that when she saw this baby she knew Him for Who He was and she began to thank God for Him and for the work of redemption that He would accomplish.  Oh, that I would be so tender to His presence, and recognize Him among the mundane circumstances that make up daily life!! 


Anna must have seen thousands of babies dedicated at the temple over the years, yet she still recognized Christ in the ordinary-ness of the everyday.  I think that is a good challenge for us.  Christ has given us His very Spirit to dwell in us, guide us, encourage us and teach us.  Have you been listening to Him during those "everyday" moments?  Washing dishes, driving in the car, mopping the floor, making lunch...  Take time to listen today and realize His presence in your life!

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