Thursday, May 16, 2013

Joy in Service

Good morning, friends!  How are you doing this week?  Have you been keeping up as well as during the challenge?  If not, don't give up!  Keep doing the little things and they will  add up to the big things in time!!

Let's see... today is Thursday, and our Bible character is Martha.

I must admit that when I first saw Martha's name on the list it bothered me.  I think it is because I see so much of myself in her.  I love to do things for others.  I love to go above and beyond what is expected.  But, just like Martha, I find myself easily falling into the "Why isn't anyone helping me?  Don't they see I can't do this all on my own?" trap.  Serving others can either be a blessed privilege or a dreary duty depending on my focus. If I focus on the person I am serving God's love can flow through me unimpeded.  But if the focus changes to myself soon all I will see is reason to complain.  Here's an example..
I went into the bank today for the second or third time this week and the teller observed, "It seems like you are always in here doing something for someone else."  My first reaction was to sigh like a martyr and say, "I know....." quite mournfully.  But on further reflection I realized that that very observation was God's gift to me.  What a privilege I've been given to serve the ones that I love by going about doing things for them!!  I pray the Lord will continue to teach me the lesson of service with joyfulness!!

Your challenge...

It seems that many of our challenges involve the word LISTEN.  When we listen to ourselves as an impartial observer we can hear how we respond in different situations.  How do I sound when no one helps me clean up after supper, or I have to pick up after my children for the umpteenth time?  How do I react when I do something nice for my husband and he doesn't notice or thank me?  What is my heart response when the committee at church becomes just me, myself and I?  Let's focus on serving with joyfulness today!!

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Misti said...

I needed this today. We've had a few changes to our schedule & I'm the one who is having a tough time with it. I've complained to myself a few times & I need to stop. Serving with joyfulness was what I kept telling myself today! *grin*