Friday, May 17, 2013

Overflowing Praise

Good morning, friends!  It's Friday and our Bible character for today is Anna.  Here is what our Beautiful Life Management sheet says about our focus for the day...

Anna:  Praising God for His grace, strength and presence in our lives

The story of Anna can be found in Luke 2:36-38.  We don't know much about her, but the brief mention of her in Scripture focuses on her age, her obedience and her praise.  Isn't that a wonderful legacy to leave?  To be known as an old woman who has served God from her youth and continually praises Him for His faithfulness... think about it!  Wouldn't that be a blessed description of your life?  I love the fact that obedience and praise can be practiced in whatever stage of life we find ourselves.   They are overarching themes that should run through our Purpose Statements and be fleshed out in our lives each day, no matter if we are a college girl at finals time, a young mother with toddlers underfoot, a middle aged daughter taking care of an aging mother, or an older woman watching the gates of Heaven approach.  


We have a little house wren that sits outside our window and sings with his whole heart every morning, rain or shine.  It's a tiny little bird and when it sings its whole body reverberates with its beautiful song.  It makes me happy every time I hear it!  As you work around your house today, find some beautiful, Christ-honoring music to listen to.  It is a wonderful way to praise the Lord!

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