Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Support Systems

Happy Tuesday!  How are you doing as you continue on?  My daughter and I brainstormed ways to help each of us focus better on the work God has given.  Yesterday was the first day that we followed our new plan and it went well.  It is "too early to tell", so I won't share particulars yet, but if you think of us, we'd love your prayers of support!

Support?  Interesting!  That just happens to be our topic today as we focus on the life of Ruth..

Last week we talked about Ruth's teachability, and how she was so open to learning from Naomi.  Isn't it wonderful, though, that she was blessing Naomi at the same time? 
When Naomi was weak with sorrow, Ruth was there to be strong and point her to her God.  She didn't judge her for not being spiritual enough, she just came alongside and held her up until she could walk in faith again.   Just like Ruth with Naomi, you, dear ladies, have encouraged me over and over during the past month.  Reading your emails and watching you respond to the precious job of homemaking, hearing how God has worked in your homes and families, and being able to share a little bit of your lives during the challenge has been like a drink of clear, cold water on a hot day to my soul.   While I may have been the "teacher", I feel as though I have learned as much or more as any of you.  You have been a blessing to me.

Is there a "teacher" in your life that you could encourage with a note, a call, or a prayer?  Perhaps your pastor or pastor's wife, a dear friend that has encouraged you in godly living, or someone that has taught you an invaluable skill?  If God lays someone on your heart, take a moment to be a blessing today!

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Misti said...

I hope it's successful, so you'll share your system!