Friday, May 31, 2013

The Promise

It's Friday and the last day of May.  Hasn't this year just flown so far??  I'm about ready to pull out my Christmas music! : )

Today is our Anna day - our day of praise.  Praising God for obvious gifts, of course, but also praising Him for hidden blessings... like the glorious Son of God, wrapped in a baby's blanket.  How are you at praising?

It's easy to praise God on days like today.  It's sunny, there is a breeze, and I had Dunkin Donuts Mocha Mint coffee and a grain-free almond/chocolate chip cookie for a snack.  Blessings indeed!  But how do we praise God on days that everything is wrong in our world?  The days we are sick and hurting and just want everything to be fixed now ?

Anna is such an example to us.

She and Simeon were looking forward to the salvation of Israel.  They were under Roman rule.  They served in a temple where many of the leaders - who should have been leading the people to love and serve their God - were corrupt and deceitful.  They longed and prayed for God's deliverance, and then He came... 

as a baby.

Wouldn't you have been discouraged?  They expected a warrior - a king - a mighty man. They needed help yesterday!  And instead they were quietly reminded of the Promise, and that was enough to ignite praise, because behind the Promise, they saw the Promiser and that was enough.

And it is the same today.


How are you at trusting His promises?  Do you know them?  Do I??  Anna looked past the fact that Jesus was a baby and saw the fulfillment of the promise and she praised God as though it had already occurred.  We have that opportunity as well, today!  Learn to know Christ through His Word.  Learn to love Him and rest on His promises.  Memorize!  Meditate!  And in times of trial and fear and confusion, you will be able to look past the promises to the Promiser and praise Him, just like Anna.

Blessings, my friends!

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