Monday, June 3, 2013

Bits of Beauty

Sunrise:  Getting my day (and home!) off to a great start 
as I begin my week.

Aren't you thankful that God put so much beauty into the world?  Sunbeams filtering through leafy trees, bushes covered in flowers, dew on the grass, the breeze making the branches sway, the gorgeous red of a cardinal, the sleek beauty of a woodpecker, the cheekiness of a squirrel enjoying the birdseed at your feeder...

Here's a challenge as you begin the week...

Take time today to notice the beauty around you, and then look to add a spot of beauty somewhere in your home.  Perhaps a pretty candle would brighten up your table, or a quilted mug rug under your coffee would make you smile.  Or maybe an iris from your garden in a pretty vase, or a note at your husband's plate at suppertime would bring joy.  Sometimes all we need is to free an area of clutter to see its beauty again.  Speaking of which, is your face cluttered today?  With lines of worry and discontent?  With a scowl or a frown?  It's the perfect place to start on a Monday morning...  let's declutter our faces and add a smile as we Plan to be a Blessing!

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