Tuesday, June 4, 2013


It's all in the Details.

I can't begin to tell you how that phrase can overwhelm me and make me feel "stressed out".  I am NOT a detail girl by nature.  It can take me hours and hours of thought to break down ideas into manageable chunks.  Then, once it is all broken down into pieces, it can take me another few hours to put it back together.  However, while I do not think in detail, I find knowing details very comforting.  I love the security of being able to look at a list and see all the bits and pieces that make up a thought or project.   One example would be the daily or weekly list of housekeeping suggestions from the Beautiful Life Management System or Home Journals.  Even though I might struggle following the details perfectly, without them I am lost.  There is safety in the list.  I can see what has worked before.  I can change what needs to be changed.  I can be in control.  

But what about the times that we *can't* be in control?  What about the times when the details that need to be worked out are totally out of our hands?  In Ruth 3, we find Ruth in a precarious position.  Perhaps, by day's end she would be the promised wife of Boaz, her chosen kinsman redeemer, or perhaps she would be in the home of another man with a closer claim but perhaps not as tender a heart.  Can you imagine her feelings that day?  Perhaps nervousness?  Perhaps fear?  What do you do when circumstances are out of your control and the end result might be unfavorable? 

I love Naomi's council in Ruth 3:18... "Sit still my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall."

I am so thankful that God is a detailed God.  He is in control of everything from the "big picture" of creating a solar system, to the details of the type of feet a duck needs to swim.  And He is good.  As you read through the story of Ruth, you see detail after detail working out around her that she had no control over and even no knowledge of until later.  In the midst of her circumstances all she could do was wait and trust while God worked out the details.


Who are you trusting today?  Are you intent on controlling every detail of life yourself, or checking off a list of "if I do this and this and this everything will work out fine" or can you rest in God's love and goodness enough to let Him work in the world around you even though things may not turn out the way you have planned?  The story of Ruth encourages me, because I see how God took away what Ruth saw as good (a home, a country, a husband, the opportunity to have children), in order to give her something BETTER in the end.  And through it all she just kept loving and serving and trusting Him, even though she didn't know what the end result would be. What a wonderful reminder to look past the pain and perplexity of the moment to a God who is always good.  That is faith.  That is rest.  That is joy!  May each of us be able to trust and rest in His goodness today as we plan to be a blessing!!

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