Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Monday!

Sunrise:  Getting my day (and home!) off to a great start 
as I begin my week.

Good morning, friends!

It's been awhile since we did a Happy Monday post.  Have you been keeping up??  Hmmm...  me neither!   This week is my 26th anniversary, so I think I need to pull out my Acts of Kindness sheet and plan a week of special things for The Mechanic and myself to enjoy. : )

How does your week look?  Do you have any special projects that you'd like to work on?  Let's do a little summer project jumpstart...

1.  Name one project in progress that you would like to finish this summer.
2.  Name three new projects that you would like to work on this summer.

For each number above, list the steps it will take to get it done.

For example...

1.  Finish the cross stitch exchange piece and mail by June 30th.
Find backing fabric and cording
Cut, sew and stuff
Finish & add goodies to package
Mail package

2.  *  Clean out rock beds by side of house
Prune bushes
Take 15 minutes 3x a week to clean out small sections of weeds.
Dispose of yard waste.

*  Stitch on stocking again!
30 minutes /day

*Exercise and water
Walk 1-2 miles 3x a week
Shoulder strengthening exercises - 2 x week
Water - at least 36 oz a day of plain water

After I make some goals and split them into manageable steps, I can transfer them into my weekly plan.  This is a good way to plan out your weekly goals as well!  

All right, let's "rise and shine" on our homes today and start our week out well.  Here's a Happy Monday prompt just for fun...

Something special I have planned for my family this week is...



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